I would like to welcome you to my website.  Make yourself at home, feel free to look around and thank you for visiting.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Personally, I think they are right. Photographs speak for themselves.
I suspect most people don’t care too much about the person behind the camera but just in case some are curious, I will offer a brief gust of hot air about myself.

I was one of those kids who was constantly using up all of my Mom’s film. My photos of birds, bugs, critters and random scenery were always a surprise to my parents when they developed their film and yet, instead of reprimanding me for wasting film, they bought me my own camera to encourage my interest.  Honestly, I have never really bothered to evaluate why I am a nature photographer. Photography for me is just something I am just compelled to do. I seem to put all my energy into searching for my next photo and very little into understanding why. This approach has always just felt right.

Over the last 35 years, much of my photographic skill and technique has been developed through trial and error and also through studying and absorbing knowledge from fellow photographers who have generously shared their knowledge and experience.
My wife and I are both native Montanans and consider raising our two children under the Big Sky to be an invaluable gift. I am lucky that my wife and children have shared my love and appreciation for nature. While I can’t take credit for the masterpieces within nature, I do my best to record them and share them. Friends keep asking when I am going to expand my scope, away from Montana and all I can say is “After spending most of my life photographing Montana, I am getting pretty close to being partly finished”.

One thing I have learned in  photography is that I am no expert. Moving from film to digital was a challenging but  rewarding experience and I still learn something new every single time I go out in the field and hopefully, I will have a few more decades to learn and get closer to perfecting my craft.

Thank you for enduring this essay and I hope that you enjoy a few of the photos I have made.

Best Regards,